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About our company ‘Mera Boiler’

We offer many customer friendly services for you and are based in London always near you. We are experienced and have specialist who have handled many projects of boiler installation Coventry at different places.

We also offer emergency services for you, in case your boiler break down or if there is any issue of gas leakage due to breakage don’t panic but contact us on our emergency number provided on the website. We are available 24/7. Just make a call and our certified and authorized gas safe registered engineers will be there for your help.

How to hire the services of mera boiler?

Choose a suitable package

Choose the packages as per your necessities.

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Make your Payment

The subsequent stage after the subscription is, make instalment which you can do effectively by credit card.

Get to Enjoy our Services

After you have finished the initial 3 stages, we will be there for your service of boiler installation Coventry.


What are the services provided by us?

Service of your old boiler:

If you have an old boiler, don't overlook that it needn't bother with service, each year you ought to have total service of your boiler because it will make you aware of any issues and dangers of breaking down or any spillage of gas which will keep you and your family protected from any dangerous and fatal issues. We give the best boiler services across London, simply recruit our services and we will service your boiler which will work absolutely as new.

Installation of new boiler:

Boilers are needed by most homes, especially in cool living regions. Without boilers, it is difficult to warm the home appropriately. Boilers are completely used during the winters and by and large, forgotten during the summers.

Boilers are only a machine it is major to keep up with it suitably to promise it works productively and no mischief happens that can cost a lot later on. If you want a new boiler for your home hire the services or mera boiler for boiler installation Coventry.

Boiler Controllers

Boiler controls have a major effect on your warming system. As our advanced boilers previously working at top proficiency, adding energy-effective controls can help your system general performance. Without boiler controllers, it's difficult to envision controlling warming in your home or building. Contingent upon the model, the boiler controllers can deal with the boiler in a fundamental extension for example basic controllers for strong fuel boilers controlling just the siphon and fan, just as multi-practical boiler controllers, which permit you to control the temperature of your home even through your mobile.

Boiler Accessories:

We will provide you the complete boiler installation service Coventry which will also involve essential boiler accessories that are necessary for the complete boiler functioning and these accessories include:

  • Economizer
  • Air preheater
  • Super heater
  • Steam separator
  • Steam trap
  • Pressure reducing valve