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With our regular maintenance services, we provide you with complete inspection of your heating system along with fixing all issues that might be. You can either opt for an annual boiler service or you can simply call us whenever you meet a breakdown.

What to expect in an annual power boiler service?

If you are smart enough, you will always set up your annual power boiler service to make sure that it stays in shape. We recommend our clients to always opt for maintenance services to keep their boiler fit and fine. It helps it last longer as any possible issues are detected early.

So what should you expect if you are hiring our annual scottish power boiler service? The service starts with a visual checkup by our team of engineers. They look into the pipe system and all the associated pipes to ensure that everything is installed properly. If a boiler isn’t installed or positioned accurately, then a lot of issues pop up with the boiler. Thus, the first and most crucial step of our team is to inspect your boiler or heating systems pipes to ensure that everything is in its correct position. It also helps in identifying any possible issues that might be causing trouble but are too technical to be noticed by a normal individual.

Once the inspection is done, our heating engineer will open the boiler and have a deep look at all the components. By opening up the boiler, each element or part of the boiler is inspected with further care. This ensures that they are working perfectly well and further helps in boosting safety too.

What will the engineer check?

It is important to understand what the engineers will check once they come in for an annual or maintenance boiler power service. Our heating engineer will check into the following aspects:

  • They check whether the seals of the boiler are intact or not.
  • Check the pressure of the gas and its flow.
  • To ensure that the electric connections are good and clean.
  • Check the fans and all other components to ensure that they are working efficiently.
  • Safety devices are checked in detail to make sure that the boiler is safe to use.
  • Check in all the pipes and gas systems.
  • Electrodes must be working fine.
  • Combustion and fuel functioning.


Our engineers make sure to inform you about the tiniest issue that might have occurred with the boiler. We believe in transparency and informing our clients is our duty. Even if the issue is as little as you might not have imagined; we will communicate it with you.

It is important to check whether the boiler is meeting all the legislation and safety concerns and regulations. A poorly functioning boiler can result in a lot of dilemmas and can lead to gas leakage too which is a hazardous condition. You can always question our engineer too. We believe in great transparency and allow our clients to feel content with our boiler power services. Thus, we are always open for any queries that might be bothering you.

Contact us

If you have not hired an annual power boiler service for your boiler maintenance, then it is time to do so now. Mera Boiler professionals are always up to help you, no matter what the time. If you want to avoid major boiler breakdowns then it is best to hire annual maintenance services for your heating system. This allows your boiler to last longer as all its problems are detected on time and are fixed timely too, before they cause a lot of issues.

Feel free to contact us today and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Whether you are looking for installation services or you want to get your boiler repaired; we are here at your service. Place your trust in Mera Boiler and you wouldn’t regret it ever.