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Vaillant is a prominent name in the world of boilers. It is known to produce some of the most efficient boilers till now. They use the latest technology and have the best, professional German engineers who put together their boilers smartly. Whether you are looking for a large sized boiler or a medium sized one, Vaillant has the best picks available for you. But whilst buying a Vaillant boiler, the biggest concern is who is going to repair it if it breaks down.

As Vaillant is known for its latest technology and smart features; the repairing services that you choose for it, must be top notch as well. And this is where our engineers at Mera Boiler have worked and managed Vaillant Ecotec Plus and Pro boilers, ensuring you a wonderful repairing experience. Every heating engineer cannot fix a breakdown with this boiler. Thus, you need to hire the best Vaillant boiler repair London services for this. And we feel gratified to state that Mera Boiler engineers are the best team that you will ever look forward to for this purpose.

But before you opt for a Vaillant Ecotec Pro boiler, there are some concerns that you must look forward to, so that you can maintain the boiler appropriately.

How to define whether a Vaillant Boiler is for your home or not?

The best way to determine whether a vaillant boiler is appropriate for your home or not, is to define your usage frequency. The size of the boiler plays the major role in deciding which model you have to purchase. Therefore, you need to make sure that you know exactly how much hot water you will be using during winters. This can be easily done by calculating the bathrooms in your home and how much members will be using the hot water. It will help you decide the usage frequency and then you can pick a Vaillant boiler that suits your needed outcome.

What problems can you face with Vaillant Boilers?

No boiler is perfect and each one of them, regardless of the brand, will face issues. This is why, our team of pros at Mera Boiler, educate our clients about servicing the boilers every now and then. It is crucial to understand how regular service can help you identify problems in the beginning and get them solved at a good time. Likewise, it is important to understand the common problems that might happen with a boiler, at any given time.


Low Water Pressure

The best feature of vaillant boilers is that they constantly show you the water pressure. The system keeps monitoring the pressure of the water and if it falls below the required pressure, it will show a F22 error. The digital display will show the error and you must call in Vaillant boiler repair in London to fix the error as soon as possible. It is important to know that if you have been using the boiler for years, it will definitely show a decrease in pressure and that is fixable too. However, if the decrease in pressure is not gradual but is sudden, then there is certainly an issue that needs to be addressed. The most possible defect might be a leakage in the boiler. If you don’t know much about boilers, do not try to identify the problem on your own as gas leakages are not easy to manage and can be hazardous for health too.

Pressure sensor Issues:

Issues with pressure sensors are known as F75 fault codes in the boilers’ language. This means that the pump is unable to detect the pressure while the boiler is in operation. Nobody but a heating engineer can fix this fault. Mera Boiler is accessible 24/7. You can give us an emergency repair call and we will be available to help you out as soon as possible.

Poor Flow from the tap

Flow is the rate at which the water flows out of your taps and shower etc. It simply means that the water flow is slow and is not as it should be. This happens when there is an issue with the heating system and the open-vent system needs to be opened and exmained to resolve the issue. It can be due to stuck up debris too. Thus, an engineer can look into it deeply.

Vaillant boilers are definitely the best ones in the market but they all require maintenance and care. If you understand the common issues that occur with the Vaillant boilers, then you can call in for help at the right time and get it fixed as soon as possible.