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Maintaining your boiler is extremely crucial but sadly, it is one of the most overlooked aspects by the majority of the people. Boiler installation Leicester costs a lot and you need a handful of investment to get one of the best and energy efficient boilers these days. Boiler repair services are not cheap either. Thus, if you do not maintain it properly, it will require repair often and will add up to your daily expenses.

Therefore, our team of experts at Mera Boiler offer you regular maintenance services along with boiler installation Leicester services. You can easily book our heating engineer for bi-annual or annual boiler maintenance services too and they will come by to your place, on their own, for a regular internal checkup of your heating system. Thus, why take the hassle of getting your boiler repaired again and again when you can simply maintain it at an easy budget?

Tips to Maintain your Boiler

We have summed up some easy expert tips, provided by our specialists at Mera Boiler, to help you maintain your boiler. Let’s dig in.

Boiler Service

We recommend our customers to get the boiler serviced once every year in the beginning. When you get a new boiler installation in Leicester, an annual completel service of the system is enough to maintain it. It helps in stretching its lifespan for good and also helps in keeping its breakdowns in control. Moreover, the boiler manufacturer also provides you with a year or two warranty which helps you further in maintaining it, within a budget. Mera Boiler offers you annual service of the boiler too. Professional heating engineers of our team, inspect your boilers in detail annually to look for any possible issues and resolve them at the given time before they become troublesome.

Balancing the Radiators

Balancing the radiators is another important step for maintenance. The radiators which are far away from the boiler need to be of the same temperature level, as that of the radiators that are near the boiler. If the ones that are far away are too cool, in comparison to the ones that are near the boiler, then they need to be balanced. Balancing the radiators is not that easy and will require an expert to do so. Thus, it is best to get the balancing done annually too. Or you can always check the temperature levels before winter arrives, so that they are balanced on time.


Flame Colour Check

It is very important to keep an eye on the color of the flame. Remember that a properly functioning boiler has a bright blue flame; not a yellow one. If the flame is yellow or orange; it indicates gas leakage. It is not necessary that you do smell the gas leakage as carbon monoxide is odorless. Call us right away if the flame color is yellow or orange and a heating engineer will come and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Make sure that the radiator is running fine:

If your radiator is cold from the bottom but hot from the top; then there is a problem with it. This usually happens due to built up dirt but it causes problems with heating capacities. It doesn't allow the boiler to warm the water as efficiently as it usually does. Furthermore, it adds to the heating bills, making them spike up day by day. Thus, if you are experiencing usually high heating bills then you need to check the radiators. If you are unable to understand whether there is an issue with ir or not, then you can call Mera Boiler experts and we will be at your service within no time.

Maintain your Boiler to make it last longer

We understand the need of a properly functioning boiler during the winter season. Thus, we provide regular maintenance services along with boiler installation Leicester. We are accessible around the clock and make sure that we are also easy to reach out to in case of emergency boiler breakdowns. You can contact us at any given time and our expert customer service will be available for you. They will assign a heating engineer to you, according to your requirement.

Mera Boiler is ar your service, 24/7. We keep your boilers and heating systems running efficiently. Contact us today for boiler installation in Leicester or repair and replacement services too.