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About Mera Boiler:

We are the best boiler installation Kent Company all over the London who will even fix your old boiler or install the new one for you.

If it’s the winter season and you have only one boiler in your home, then call us and hire our emergency services and we will do the boiler installation in Kent as soon as possible.

What are the services provided by us?

Boiler service

If you have an old boiler, don’t even ignore that it does not need service, every year you should have complete service of your boiler because it will eliminate any issues and risks of breaking down or any leakage of gas which will keep you and your family safe from any fatal issues. We give the best boiler services across London, just hire our services and we will service your boiler which will function totally as new.

New Boiler

Installing a boiler is quite a tricky task and it can’t be done by a local plumber or by DIY techniques. You need to hire professionals for boiler installation like boiler installation Kent. We have professional and experts engineer who will provide you with the service with quality.

Easy Finance

We provide cost-effective services for boiler installation in Kent near you. We have the best packages for servicing and installing boilers that are budget-friendly and fulfil your requirements. We often offer instalment solutions for those who are not able to pay the lump sum all together

How to hire our services in 4 easy steps?

  • Choose the packages according to your requirements
  • Fill in your details to subscribe and get our subscription
  • The next step after the subscription is, make payment which you can do easily by debit card.
  • After you have completed the first 3 steps, we will be there for your service of boiler installation Kent.


What are the benefits of servicing your boiler every year?

Safer Option

A breaking down boiler can be extremely dangerous, there could be no lighter method to put it. It puts you and your family in danger of carbon monoxide harming. If your boiler's ventilation gets hindered, the parts will get harmed. These are things you can't see. Or then again if the boiler system is not consuming appropriately, you could experience the ill effects of carbon monoxide harming. You must get your gas boiler serviced for this very explanation alone so you can be guaranteed that no toxic poisons spread through your home.

You Will Save Money

When you begin utilizing your gas boiler, it is quickly being given something to do. You should not ignore the ineffectiveness of the boiler because of ignition and mileage. The annual service of the boiler includes restoring the ideal conditions needed for ignition. This is the thing that builds your boiler's proficiency, reestablishing the underlying utilization of the measure of gas, which results in less burn through on electricity bills.


Moreover, a yearly boiler service is the best approach before winter. Envision getting up one in the morning of the winter season while freezing and finding that your gas boiler has broken down. Always do service of your boilers before the winter season will help spread the expense as you will not be paying for expanded fuel use while the warming isn't on.

Extend life expectancy:

Ordinary servicing is likewise an extraordinary method of guaranteeing that your boiler utilizes energy most proficiently and doesn't raise your energy bill. A yearly gas boiler service will guarantee that you can utilize your boiler for the most significant length of time possible. You ought to have your boiler serviced once every year. The best and ideal opportunity to do this is toward the finish of the mid-year, as the boiler may have an issue because of not being used for some time. Having your boiler serviced as of now will likewise save you the problem of managing without hot water and warming during the brutal winter season.