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But without professional help, it will arise soon and you will need to call in an emergency boiler repair London service to your rescue. But obviously, the experts are not robots and it might take a few minutes for them to reach you.

Or maybe, your boiler has broken down in the middle of the night and you don’t even have a boiler cover. So how do you manage it then? We recommend you to get professional help for it in the middle of the night too. Many companies, like ours, offer services 24/7. The Mera Boiler team is always set to fix your troubles, no matter what the time. Thus, you can call us right away and we will be there to fix the dilemma before it causes excessive trouble.

How to Manage an emergency boiler breakdown?

Well, if your boiler breakdown is an emergency situation, call us right away. No matter what time it is, you need to make sure that the leakage doesn’t cause havoc as it is hazardous. Till our team reaches out to your location, you have to survive the emergency situation too. Here is how you can keep yourself and your family safe.

The best option is to move out of the house or workplace. People who have breathing issues might not be able to handle themselves till the experts come in. you can move to another property or take your vehicle and wait outside the house. This is really helpful in situations of unmanageable boiler leakages. The smell can be dangerous for all.

Secondly, if your boiler has broken down during the night, during the winter season and you have an adult at your place, who needs it by all means then you will have to find an alternative. It is best to have a space heater in the backup. These do cost you more but they will solve the issue for you without having to rush to a professional in the middle of night.

However, in worst scenarios it is best to shut down your boiler or entire heating system and wait for the experts to walk in. in case of natural disasters like a snow storm, nobody might be able to reach you. Thus, we highly suggest to always have a backup solution of an electric radiator or space heater for yourself if the weather forecast states any such situation.


How to avoid such emergency breakdowns?

The biggest mistake that people make is to not maintain their boilers or other heating systems. They do not opt for regular services to ensure that the boiler is running fine. And this is the only way to prevent major breakdowns from happening.

One does not have to get a boiler service every month. An annual checkup is also fine or you can get it inspected after every 6 months too. At Mera Boiler, we help you in arranging engineers that are assigned to regularly inspect your boiler and other heating systems. You can choose whether they do so after every 6 months or annually.

They will help you in ensuring that your boiler is working fine. And if any small problem is detected, they will manage and fix it right away. This way, you will save yourself from larger breakdowns as the problems will be detected at a smaller scale. The most hazardous situation is the leakage of carbon monoxide from boilers. It can lead to life endangering issues. Thus, instead of always relying on emergency boiler repair, it is best to get it maintained from time to time.

Another way to avoid emergency breakdowns is by having knowledge about your boiler. Many people know nothing about teur boiler. Thus, they are unable to understand whether there is a problem with it or not. Their defect might be too evident but gets easily ignored by a person who knows nothing about the boiler. Thus, always keep yourself well-educated about your boiler and its functions as it will help you understand a defect easily and an emergency situation will not occur.

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If your boiler has broken down, then you can contact us for emergency boiler repair in London. We are here at your service 24/7 and help you as soon as possible.