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The discomfort and the inconvenience, accompanied with the expense does cause a lot of issues, doesn’t it? But with Mera Boiler, you get a fixed price boiler repair service which fits within your budget and doesn’t make you go nuts worrying about the costs.

But if we generally have to discuss a boiler repair price and how much does it cost on an average,e given the market prices; then how much would it cost? What are the costs involved and how much should one be planning to spend on it?

Well, as boilers have never been an easy investment, it is important to understand that it's repair wouldn't be cheap as well. If a company is offering you a very cheap repair price quotation; make sure you do a lot of research on it, before opting for that service. This is because they might not be professional or well-trained and would leave your boiler in a worse condition than before. You will have to pay again to get it repaired by someone else. Thus, do your research before hiring a boiler repair service.

We will be giving you some tips on how to find a good fixed price boiler repair service too. But first, we will be discussing the costs that you should expect, before marching into the market for hiring a repair service.

How much does a Boiler Repair Cost?

The boiler repair price does vary depending on the damage that has been done to it. Many companies, like ours, have fixed prices for each type of damage. If it is fully damaged, the repair will require more pence. If the damage is limited, the costs will be lowered. However, the price range begins from £150 and goes up to £400, depending on the seriousness of the damage. You wouldn't get a good and professional repair service in the market, costing you anything less than £130 or minimum £120. The well-reputed ones are usually quoting £150 for minor issues. However, if the trouble is huge and it requires days to get fixed, then you must expect to pay up to £400 too.

It is certainly impossible to get an exact figure from each company. Let say, if Mera Boiler tags you £150 for fixing a boiler leakage, another company might quote you a price of £160 or 170 for it. Never expect each company to have the same price as the other. They vary from company to company. However, our rule is to define a specific price tag for each “type” of issue that the boiler might be experiencing so that we can provide a clear quotation to the client at the given spot. This saves them and us the time and energy.


How to Hire a Professional Boiler Repair Service?

Now that you have a rough idea about the boiler repair services prices’, it is important to hire the right one. We always make sure that our clients make the best pick for themselves. By considering just a few important things, you can hire the right person for the task.


Most importantly, hire a boiler repair service that has a good reputation. You can ask for recommendations and from people around you as well. Never opt for door to door salesman services as they dont have much experience and might ruin your boiler.

Certification and Experience:

It is very crucial to demand for certification from the boiler repair company. You have the complete right to do so and no one can tell you that you cannot demand it. A certified repair service is always professional. You are also able to trust them easily as they are trained, experienced and have certifications from the required agencies.


Your budget defines a lot for you. As mentioned above, the average market prices range between £150 to £400. Opt for a company that is providing services within your budget and are easier to avail too.


Mera Boiler is here to help you repair your boiler at a very affordable rate. We do not promise cheap prices as we believe in high quality and premium excellence of services. With a professional and well-trained team, we have fixed price boiler repair service for each type of dilemma that might occur for them. Whether your boiler has leaked, or is not producing hot water; our team of pros is at your service. You can contact us right away or find the best company for yourself too.