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If your boiler has been running for at least 10 or more years now, then it is time for you to switch to a condensing boiler. It saves you a lot of money and is now one of the best choices to make for many people. They are the efficient option available in the market these days and if you are looking for high-quality condensing boiler installation services, then the experts at Mera Boiler are available at your service.

But what is a condensing boiler and how is it different? Well, most of the new boilers that are making their way into the market are condensing boilers. The tech equipped ones are the right boiler that you would need. Let us guide you through these boilers and how they work, becoming a better option for all.

What is a Condensing Boiler?

Condensing boilers are not just more efficient but they are the greener option too. These boilers make utilization of the heat they generate smarter by burning fuels like oil or gas. As it demands less heat from the burner, it is efficient.

How does it work?

Now, this is where the condensing boiler differs from the old conventional one that you might own at this moment; its way of functioning.

A condensing boiler utilises some of the heat, generated by the gases to heat the water. On the other hand, a non-condensing boiler, it wastes the heat that is generated through the gases and fuel. Thus, the major difference between the two is on the basis of how they work and this is what makes condensing boilers more efficient.

All the modern units of boilers are condensing boilers. Thus, if your old boiler is done and dusted with, then make sure that you opt for a condensing boiler now. It not only helps you save energy but is also more reliable and durable. We also offer condensing boiler installation as our team of heating engineers is professional in dealing with all the different types of boilers that exist in the marketplace.

Condensing boilers are safer

Did you know that condensing boilers are considered safer than the non-condensing ones? How? This is because the condensing boiler does not suck anything in the boiler. It even utilizes the heat that is being given out by the boiler which makes it safer.


They are Energy Efficient; you save more money

It is not just us who claim that condensing boilers are energy efficient. The professionals have stated this too and studies have shown that these boilers save upto 25% energy in comparison to non-condensing boilers. Thus, if your boiler has been generating high heating bills then it requires a replacement for sure. And it is time for you to get a condensing boiler installation done as soon as possible. You will notice a visible difference in your heating bills. Our team of experts always recommends the clients to get a condensing boiler installed as it is one of the smartest decisions to make in the modern, tech-driven world.

Helps in reducing carbon footprint

Condensing boilers are famous for being a little friendlier to the environment than the conventional boilers. How? This is because they generate less carbon emissions. Thus, the market is now filled with these boilers only as manufacturers and buyers both prefer appliances that can help them in contributing to the environment positively.

Is my Boiler a Condensing one or a Non-Condensing one?

All the boilers manufactured from 2005 onwards are condensing boilers. People did not have much knowledge back then and didn't bother much regarding the type of boiler they were buying. However, with the passage of time, more and more people are worried as to whether they have a condensing boiler or not.

Firstly, you can give us a call if you have done your boiler installation and we can let you know whether your boiler is condensing or conventional. Secondly, if your boiler has been installed in late 2005 or after it, then it is definitely condensing as the market did not sell non-condensing boilers after that. However, many people might have bought the non-condensing one too. Thus, you can call us at Mera Boiler and we can come along to help you differentiate between the type of boiler you own.

If you are looking for condensing boiler installation services, then Mera Boiler is always accessible for your service. Contact us today.